About DETO N.V.

On January 1, 1979, the Electro Technische Onderneming Suriname (E.T.O.S.) was founded by Mr. R. Duijm and Mr. R. Spreeuw.
Ever-changing consumer demands and wishes have led the company to expand its range from 1999 onwards.
This is how slowly but surely the company of today was born: DETO Handelmaatschappij N.V. with a variety of products for the whole family and for every purpose, housed in well-sorted departments.

In 1999 the range consisted only of electrical supplies. Due to its constant range expansion and development, DETO Handelmaatschappij N.V. has become a department store where, in addition to hobbyists and professionals, you can also shop with your family to your heart's content in our well-stocked departments.

Deto’s retail store is located at Professor W.J. Kernkampweg 72 - 74, Paramaribo and  has an Electrical installation materials department, the Water & sanitary department, the Cooling materials department, the Hinges & Locks department, the Tools department, the Furniture department, the Household department and the Flower pots, Garden products & Garden furniture department.
DETO is the representative of internationally renowned brands of better, but also affordable quality.